Thursday, September 10, 2015

Selfies and Self-Talk and Good Energy!

On the Trolley in Boston (just outside Copley Square) ... Me and April.

Have you ever realized how harsh you can be on yourself? We tend to be our ultimate worst critic.

I was recently on a trip in Boston, with a good friend and I took a selfie of us on the trolley.

After glancing at the photo, I instantly thought ... "That's not a very good photo" and before I could articulate my thought out loud she said: "Oh, look how cute we are!"

Her comment caught me off guard. And made me stop and think ... I appreciated her instant, positive response and was able to use it last weekend.

I was in Arizona with some family members and we took a group selfie - someone immediately responded: "That's a horrible picture of me!" I immediately touted back: "Look at us - we are so cute!" It changed the atmosphere immediately.

The things we say really do affect those around us. And the things we say to and about ourselves - to ourselves can be so very negative and damaging.

Today, pay attention to your self-talk and the things you think about yourself. Stop yourself immediately when it turns negative. Feel free to use my friend's line: Look how cute!

Our positive self talk matters and we can become advocates for good energy inside and outside of ourselves!

Go ahead, take that selfie. Post it up.

It's a way of capturing a moment that will never happen again!

And when you find yourself wanting to judge yourself or anyone around you harshly, stop.

And find what's great about you or him or her!

And say it our loud!

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