Saturday, December 31, 2016


Chalk Art Festival - 2016
All we need is love ... (and lights)

It's a foggy New Year's Eve in my little corner of the world. The Christmas lights in my neighborhood have all been taken down and turned off. Well, almost all of them. I have a wreath by my front door that still shines light into the night and a little Christmas tree too. It's the last of the lights on our street.

Our tree is still up and it might stay up for another month ...

Our son, is at boot camp and he missed all the holidays. It seems selfish of me to take it all down before he gets to see it ... after all, his choice to serve our country makes all our choices possible. Seems logical to me to prolong Christmas for his sake.

Enough chat about the lights and fog.

What's really on my mind are the past 365 days ... It's been an amazing year. Full of challenges, heartache, disappointment, excitement, surprises and beyond. I think it's safe to say that all years are like that. Full of growing moments. This year has been extra loaded with them.

I am thankful for them all - they have helped me learn, grow and become.

Thank you 2016 - You have taught me much. I'm ready to continue moving forward into another 365 days of ... (what seems to be the foggy unknown). Pressing forward with love ...

Cheers to the last day of 2016.

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