Monday, January 02, 2017

5 Traits of the Mentally Strong


Mentally strong people ...

1. Dwell in Positive Energy -
Mentally strong people focus on the good. There is no room for the negatives. They look for, share and accentuate the positives in themselves and others. When they bump into negative energy - they kick it to the curb. Bye bye negative, dark energy - go find another victim to abuse and take down.

2. Keep Moving Forward -
Mentally strong people keep pushing through. They don't stop. They don't give up. They find a new way, create new doors and opportunities! Forward is the only direction.

3. Pray -
Life is tough. But so are the mentally strong! They look up for extra needed support and inspiration. .

4. Control Their Thoughts -
Mentally strong people have positive self-talk. They believe they can and will make it through. They encourage others to believe in themselves and the possibilities available in each new day. They think they can.... (over and over). When doubt enters the mind, they toss it out. They fill their mind with encouraging music, quotes and words.

5. Act With Love -
Love. It conquers all things. Mentally strong people know how to love - themselves and others.

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