Monday, October 09, 2006

I’ll take a tree trunk shake please -

The other night, I was in the kitchen cleaning up (sound familiar?) and I could hear my three children playing together in the front room. They were full of energy, laughter and were quite excited about whatever they were putting together. I had to take a peek and see what all the fun was about! It was so cute, they had turned the entire room into a restaurant and I was their guest of honor! I was so amazed at how much they knew about the ‘food business’… They handed me a menu complete with a drink list, side dish options and dessert. Would you like to know what I chose from the lunch menu?

I ordered crab, a side of purple grapes and a large tree trunk shake. As you can imagine, all of the items were found around the house and determined what would go on the menu! I must admit, the tree trunk shake was simply wonderful… I had three refills on that one. And of course for dessert I chose a slice of pumpkin pie piled high with whip cream. (The pumpkin pie was a big orange light that goes into a carved pumpkin). Oh the power of imagination at work!

When it was time to pay, they simply handed me a pile of UNO cards and the bill. They assured me that UNO was the card of choice in their joint! Yes, I left them a very nice Wild card as a tip!

My children always remind me of the simple pleasures of being alive and creating fun with whatever is around. It’s refreshing to stop and think about the little people in our lives and the GIANT lessons they provide in every little moment.

Some of the lessons from this event were – Take time to imagine (it does wonders for the soul), Take time to play, and take time to love.

After the kids were all in bed, I couldn’t help but smile and wonder when I would be the fortunate honored guest at the Seafood by the Sea Restaurant again…. I hope it’s soon.

PS -
Just thinking about their menu makes me hungry…. I think I’ll tip toe to the kitchen and munch on a few tortilla chips and salsa. (And pretend that I’m really sipping down a thick, barky tree trunk shake!) You can pretend you’re having one too – if you want….

Good night.

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