Monday, December 18, 2006

(Thank you to all who contributed food for the Holiday Food Drive) Look at all those boxes of food - Together, we made a difference! :)

The Holiday Food Drive ...

Have you ever been asked to be the chairperson for something? During the summer, I was asked to chair the holiday food drive for our children’s elementary school. I agreed to ‘take it on’ and it has been a very special experience. This morning, we spent some time in the school’s auditorium sorting the food and getting it ready for the receiving families. (We had enough food for 16 families to each get 3 boxes). Amazing huh?.

It felt so good to be a part of such a worthwhile cause! Thank you to all the people who donated food and other supplies. And a special thank you to the ‘angels’ who showed up this morning and helped with this big project.

It always feels good to make a difference! I hope that during this busy holiday time, we’ll all take a few moments to give a little or give a lot to those around us … be it time, a listening ear, food, money, a hug or a smile.

Cheers to the moments that matter …

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