Tuesday, May 13, 2008

{Race Chariots}
My Grandpa Lichfield (who is no longer alive) used to own a race chariot business. He made these amazing chariots and when we would go visit him, they were in his backyard. The older cousins would pretend to be horses and pull the chariots full of the younger cousins around ...
We recently sold our house and I'm trying to de-junk and go through everything as we will be
moving (in the not too distant future) and I came across the above bumper sticker.
My Grandpa used to give those out to everyone he met!
I always loved his sense of humor and his ability to tell stories!
I can just hear him saying -
"The Surgeon General said nothing about smoking the competition!"
Funny :)


Alyson said...

How funny! Good luck on your move! They are never fun.

Jayci said...

I've never heard of home-made chariots. That is pretty great! :) He sounds like a fun, fun grandpa.

Jennie Stanfield said...

Love Grandpa Lichfield and the funny thing is he did give those out to EVERYONE. When Jake and I first got married and we lived with his family I found a couple plastered on a dresser (being used by his younger brothers) and I was like, "Where did you get that...!" Funny, huh.

Rob & Kathryn Lichfield said...

There is a Lichfield Chariot in Payson, UT. One of my aerobics instructor's husband races chariots and they have one of his! Small world huh?