Monday, February 05, 2007

Show and Tell –

My daughter attends preschool and every Monday morning, its girl’s show and tell. Do you remember show and tell days? It was always so exciting to have a time and a place
to share the ‘stuff’ that mattered!

She was extra excited about it today and when it was time to leave – she came out holding four items to share. I told her she needed to narrow it down to just one. This process took a little time as all of them were equally important.
What did she finally choose – the big purple horse (with lots of purple synthetic hair)

If you had a time and place to show and tell – what would you share?

PS – Today I would have hauled my kitchen oven into school and showed everyone how clean it was. “Come on … look inside” it’s a hands-on tour! (Wow – it feels good to have that done). Time permitting, I would have brought photos of the Columbia River and told them about the beautiful paths along it – for walking.

Hey … If you have a moment create some time to ‘show and tell’ something you love with someone special today! Sometimes we need to slow down for things like that.

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