Wednesday, July 11, 2007

{107 degrees}
Cooling off by the pool in Boise, Idaho

(Lauren & Wendy)

We just returned from a very fun and busy trip to Boise, Idaho. It was HOT...
Thank heavens for swimming pools, air conditioners and frosty drinks.

My husband had 4 shows - he sings for kids so we were busy singing and meeting people!
We also attended The Steele Family Reunion and had fun with aunts, uncles and cousins.

Special thank you to all of the following for helping make our adventures in Boise extra special:
Nampa Public Library, Caldwell Public Library, St. Luke's Children's Hospital,
Boise Public Library, and Loree Jolley for taking care of our yard & pets at home!

Feel free to check out the Wiggle Like a Fish blog:
{Happy Summertime!}

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kidsdreamspot said...

Sum, sum, summertime it feels like it! Enjoy the moment right? I have to admit during some of these sweltering moments I find myself looking forward to the cooler moments of fall! My husband says its too early for that. Summer just started! :)