Thursday, July 26, 2007

A time to see the SEA ... :)

A Mermaid in the sand ... About to be washed away by the waves

Sandsations! Every year The city of Long Beach holds a sand sculpting contest...
This lady was making a polar bear as part of the event! I had no idea you could make such wonderful things out of sand! It was truly inspiring ...

Statue of Captain William Clark standing next to a sturgeon
Long Beach, WA

North Head Lighthouse ... Long Beach, Washington
(My two sons and I had a tour inside this lighthouse - it was amazing!)

A trip to the ocean …

We just returned from a very eventful, fun trip to the ocean! We were able to run in the waves, sip hot chocolate by the fire, take a tour of a lighthouse, hike, visit an aquarium, walk along the path Lewis & Clark explored and drive across a four mile bridge. It was a vacation full of fun, wonder and appreciation for the outdoors! I do hope this summer has been one of awe and wonder for you and your family … I am so thankful for all the beautiful things there are to see in this world we live in!

Oh the places we can go, things we can see, people we can meet
and stuff we can LEARN!

Cheers to July and all the amazing moments it presented.

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kidsdreamspot said...

What a fun time you had with your family! Sounds like Long Beach WA would be a fun place to vacation! Did you camp right on the beach? That sounds awesome! I'll have to get out a map and see where it is...Maybe we've found our next vacation spot! :)