Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Powers -

I first learned about Leap Year as a young girl. I had a neighbor who was born on Leap Year (February 29) and she informed my sister, Amy and I of all of her magical powers – from being a Leap Year Child. We thought she was all-knowing and pretty much ruled the world because of her special ‘Leap Year’ Status.

Myth #1: Those born on Leap Year can breathe through their eyes (under water) –

I remember standing in our front yard and Debra coming over to demonstrate one of her amazing Leap Year abilities. She told us she could breathe through her eyes under water. We believed it! And stood staring at the bucket as she plunged her head into it and blew bubbles with her mouth (with her eyes wide open). We stood there in awe thinking – We’re not worthy to be in her presence….Wow – Ahhhh …

I’m laughing out loud right now remembering how much she used the ‘Leap Year Card’ in her favor to convince us of her endless supply of power and special talents.

Funny the stuff you believe as a kid!!!

Cheers to the magical influence of those born on this day :)

PS: Debra – wherever you are … Thanks for the childhood memories! Every Leap Year I think of you and all the funny things we learned as neighbors on our little spot in the world.
Art Credit:
Leap Frog by Jennie Stanfield (2007)


Alyson said...

That's funny! I was born on Feb 28th in '76, which was a leap year. My mom used to tell me how worried she was that I'd be born on leap day and she was so glad I came a day early!

Wendy Christensen said...

Alyson, You were almost a magical 'Leap Year' kid :) ...