Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Damsel in distress saved ...
(And not by the Fairy God Mother)

When was the last time you received REALLY GREAT Customer Service? I’m talking about the kind of service that makes you want to hang a sign from a hot air balloon and parade it over your city … Can you see it? (Imagine the good year blimp flying around with a banner the size of a football field).

OK I’m guessing you have a good image now in your mind of how happy I was for the help! My poster (hanging from the blimp) would say:
Another Damsel in Distress SAVED! Thank you Les Schwab Tire guys ...
{Moment of Distress ...}
Last Friday night, I had a big construction nail stuck in my back tire and had 3 places to be at once! The tire was almost completely flat .... what do do?
{Light bulb Moment ...} Aahhha -
I called the Les Schwab store and instantly, they offered a magical solution! :)

1. They sent a guy to my house to put air in the tire so I could safely drive it to the shop to be fixed. Nice huh? I thought so too.
2. Once at the shop, I only waited 15 minutes for the tire to be repaired.
3. No bib- idee bob-idee BOO needed....
The charge for all of the above came to the grand total of -
(Immediate HERO status for the tire guys ...)
Those talented tire experts had my white chariot up to speed in NO TIME...
Ahhhhhhh - Cheers to STELLAR customer service and the heroes at Les Schwab Tires!!

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Anonymous said...

Funny. Good customer service is rare