Monday, February 11, 2008

Make a pouch …. Scatter ants … Attract an Aardvark!
(Try this at home!!)

When was the last time you opened the paper and read something really happy? Has it been a while? It seems the media thrives on sharing the bad news! Papers are filled with - Who killed who, who’s broke, who’s losing, who’s not winning, what’s not happening and well you get the scene. It’s time for some happy print! Don’t you think??!

Yesterday morning, I was reading along in the paper and bumped into this really fun article about a family (that I know) who has a very fun, inspiring tradition involving Valentine’s Day and an aardvark! What a combo huh?

Apparently, all you need to do is make a pouch and this Valentine Aardvark makes his way through the heating ducts or up through the water pipes (his travel habits are not entirely known) but somehow, he finds a way to the happy, homemade pouches.

What happens next? This ant loving creature fills the awaiting pouches with little gifts and/or candy! He’s the Aardvark of love… (Sounds so groovy – should be a song)!!

HEY: What are you waiting for?
Valentine’s Day is just a few days out – get making the pouches already and prepare for the Valentine-Vark of love!!

Want to learn more? Please visit the Valentine Aardvark website –

Here’s my little analysis of the aardvark –
Excellent artwork, I love how his ears are burning… I think they must burn because he hears people talking about him? The sneaky look in his eye is a bit like Zorro and the belt adorned with a little, red heart feels like Mr. Incredible! As for the boots – those are all his! This Aardvark has the makings of a Superhero. He’d make a really great animated character in a PBS children’s series or a full movie done by Pixar. Just my thoughts but I see great things for this aardvark of love. Watch out Gotham City!!


Rebecca Hickman: said...

What a great idea!

Alyson said...

That is a great idea! I think I'll see if I can get organized enough to do that for the kiddos!

Anonymous said...
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