Thursday, May 01, 2008

May 1, 2008 - National Day of Prayer ...

Pray (out loud)

The quality or state of being humble;
modest opinion of one’s own importance.

Prayer is a powerful and beautiful gift we can enjoy anyplace and anytime. Our Heavenly Father loves to hear from us and wants us to be happy. It is His desire and promise to bless us as we strive to do what is right. But, we must invite him into our lives, our hearts and our homes. This is done by praying.

How often do you talk to our Heavenly Father? Is it once a year, once a month, once a week or three times a day?

Maybe praying is not a part of your daily routine. Do you think you could make it a part of your everyday life? Have you ever tried?

For those of you who are not in the praying habit, commit to making it part of your life.

A great time to pray is at night (just before bed.) When the house is all quiet, kneel down and talk to Him like you would a close friend.

Tell Him about your day, thank Him for your abundant blessings and then invite Him to help you with your challenges.

He does hear you and wants to help. He is a loving person full of grace, charity and infinite love. He will NEVER let you down, He will NEVER lead you astray and He will NEVER give up on you!
Your prayers can be said in your heart or out loud. I recommend using both methods. And if you are not in the habit of praying out loud, try it.

There is a peaceful, wonderful feeling that comes by praying out loud. It makes the prayer more real, humble and sincere. Your desire and effort to communicate with our Heavenly Father will truly enrich every moment of your life!
This little moment matters –

Today, find a time to say a prayer out loud. You can say it alone, with a friend, or with your family. Feel free to say your prayer in the car, outside, or in your room. The important thing is to try it.

Feel the wonderful feelings that come from communicating with our Heavenly Father.

Take a moment after the prayer and just listen to His answers. Most often they come in the form of a warm feeling, happy thoughts or a reassuring feeling of love and acceptance. Once you learn how to pray, teach others in your life. Help your children learn to pray! This ONE habit will be one of the most powerful gifts you can give them.

© 2004 Wendy Christensen, It's the Little Moments that Matter


Anonymous said...

I liked this post. Thank you and I will try to pray out loud.

Alyson said...

What a great post! I think it's very important to take a moment after prayer and just listen and try to feel the answers and peace.

idahomayos said...

Kudos to this post Wendy! LOVE it. I think it was Elder Ballard (?) that said to spread the word of the gospel through blogs. This post is definately going to touch and make an impact to all who read it. Thanks for this very sweet reminder of what a great blessing prayer is :) -Stacy

Jennie Stanfield said...

Beautiful thoughts by Wendy.