Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Chicago concert crowd. Chicago was the musical act last night at the fair. I was excited for the show but must admit that without the lead vocals of Peter Cetera - the band was not how I remembered it from the 80s and just - FELL FLAT. (We ended up leaving half way through the show ... I wanted to keep my fond memories of the old Chicago before they were obliterated with the NEW sound.)

The farm animals. Kaleb and Lauren in the barn checking out the creatures!
(ahhh the sounds, the smells, the hay fever) Thank heavens for seasonal allergy meds :)!!
A mystery. How is it that my kids can spin and turn and ride and love it and not get sick??!
(I can hardly survive the Ferris Wheel) :) In fact, I have a hard time watching them on all the crazy rides without getting a 'sickly' stomach.
The end.
And the Christensens had fun at the fair and slept happily all night :) ...


NaDell said...

I love the fair. Too bad it was rainy and crummy all day today and windy and crummy yesterday too. I think we'll probably have to wait a little longer for our kids to enjoy the fair, so we haven't gone in a while.
I'm glad you had fun there. My father in law really wanted to go see Chicago, but Andy's grandma got married last night and had her reception, so he had to give up the tickets he bought the day they came out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the fair and have some fond memories. Sorry about Chicago...that's a total bummer. Love the pictures.