Wednesday, August 27, 2008

{Back to School Eve and warm fuzzies - }

Warm Fuzzy #1
Warm Fuzzy #2
Not pictured: warm fuzzy #3 ... It was hidden in the backpack :)

Last night was back to school eve. Yes, I dreamed of nicely sharpened pencils, pink erasers and composition notebooks all night! My kids dreamed about new lockers, friends and what to wear.

Before I went to bed, I thought it would be fun to add a little something special to their backpacks. So I put a warm fuzzy on their top zippers hoping they would feel all warm inside when they discovered it was there. My oldest son is in middle school so I just hid his in one of the numerous odd shaped pockets of his backpack. (I thought warm fuzzies might be a bit childish for him??!)

Then I tucked a note in their lunches today saying – Love you! Enjoy the warm fuzzy from home… My oldest son’s note told him to hunt for the fuzzy somewhere in his backpack.

When he got home (my middle school son) he thanked me for the fuzzy and told me it would be cool to have one of those hanging from the zipper. (I just checked, the fuzzy is hanging from the zipper!) Yahoooooooooo !!

PS: Want to send your kids to school with a warm fuzzy?! Here’s how –
Buy some fuzzy, sparkly craft balls (I found mine at Wal*Mart) then simply glue a clear bead (again I found these at Wal*Mart) to the back of each fuzzy ball. Then use a small, thin key chain ring and attach the fuzzy to the backpack zipper.

Ta-dah – love from home!!


Kylene said...

I love it! I will have to warm fuzzy Hallie before her first day of Pre-school. :) You are such a cute mom.

NaDell said...

That's a cute idea! You are so creative and such a good mom. I bet your kids love you. Of course, right? Little things that matter. Yea!

Cindy said...

What a great idea! Everyone can use a warm fuzzy on the first day of school :)

idahomayos said...

Perfect idea! Best wishes for a fun, successful school year!

Wendy Christensen said...

Kylene, NaDell, Cindy and Stacy - thanks for the 'blogger warm fuzzies'!! :) - feels good huh? I hope you all make these little things and attach them to your kid's backpacks - magical!

Jayci said...

warm fuzzies?? SO cute. I love that idea.