Wednesday, November 05, 2008

{Reflecting on Change}
Old Mr. Webster: 1. to make different in form 2. to transform

I found myself sitting in church on Sunday listening to many people talk and comment on the changes in the world, in their lives and in us as a people. And since then, I’ve had some time to reflect on the realness of change.

First of all, it’s amazing to me how constant change is. If you look around, everything is changing. Our clothes, our technology, our words, our knowledge, our rights, our freedoms, our hair styles, our toys, our seasons, our tolerance, our fears, and our lines of acceptance.

Second, some changes we don’t really see because they gradually happen. For example – As the years go by, our bodies change and become older. Smile lines appear, wrinkles jump out and our once 20 year old figure is now 40. My girlfriend and I have a tradition of taking each other out to lunch to celebrate our birthdays. This year, we laughed about the beautiful smile lines that decorated our eyes and how they were non -existent 20 years ago when we first met. We both agreed that they added life and history to our lives. Thank heavens for the lines and the experiences that put them there. They help tell us and others where we have been …

Third, there are other changes that occur and they are not as beautiful. I think of people who find themselves addicted to substances and harmful habits that bring them down and make them slaves to the external forces around them. I feel sad for people who choose to anchor themselves to habits of abuse such as drug use, pornography, violence and other harmful behaviors and habits. These changes are real and hurt not only the user but those around them as well. This transformation usually leads to a dark, long staircase winding down to a basement of sadness and often tragedy.

Fourth, change is a choice. Regardless of where a person is, they can always choose to change the path they are on. There are programs and people to help those who may be on a slippery and scary road laced with drugs and abuse. There are hands reaching up and hands reaching down. The choice is to hold on or let go. I remember a time when I had to change. I was 15 years old and my older brother had just died in a car accident. I was overcome with grief and anger. Why did he die? I wanted answers and I wanted him to come back. Over time, I learned to deal with his death and decided not to be angry with God anymore for what had happened. I decided to improve my relationship with our Heavenly Father and with His help, I learned to accept my brother’s death and was able to find a place of peace and love for all the memories and good times we shared while he was alive.
With every change, we have a choice! And that to me is powerful.

Finally, change is not going to change. Thank heavens because we wouldn’t learn grow and become without it. I think a new wrinkle just appeared by my left eye… Yup, it's there from change!

Ahhhh cheers to the power of transformation.


Jennie Stanfield said...

Beautiful thoughts...change is one of my favorite words because the word change offers progression, development, a chance to choose to become something greater and better than I am right now....change is what life is all about. The change which takes place in each of us is mostly our choice (maybe not the wrinkles or what happens to our bodies, but what happens to our minds and our spirits is up to us. Beautiful!

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

Change is what life is ALL about. That's good Jennie :) ... Love you!

Kylene said...

I loved this. You need to write another book! You are such a great writer. Thanks for the inspiration today.