Friday, October 10, 2008

{Let 'em go}
Photo by Kaleb - One last look at the lizard ... (those are his Dad's hands)

Back to the wild!
Run free little critter --- run!!

Let it go -
Does anyone else out there love the power of Craigslist? :) ... I have a bunch of stuff to post up.
This adorable green chest of drawers has drawer pulls that glow in the dark - light up your kid's room with this one-of-a-kind piece. Oh there's more ... :)
We're in the process of moving and I can't take it all!
Off to let more stuff GO -- Oh it feels good.
Adios stuff and creatures from the wild ....


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Good luck with all your moving efforts! I know I must be an odd duck, I've never used craigslist. I hear about it all the time, but haven't really stopped by to check it out.

Wendy Christensen said...

Alyson - You're not an odd duck :) I just discovered craigslist when we started moving. It's wonderful - go check it out! :)

Jennie Stanfield said...

Let it go... I love that saying. Such beautiful, simple words that can change and free your life. Love you.

NaDell-My D is Capital. said...

There is 2good2toss in our area too. You can post anything less than 100 dollars. Are you moving far away? I don't remember hearing where. Need to get rid of a big kitchen table and chairs? Probably not. =)

Wendy Christensen said...

Jennie - You are on deep thought mode :) First the trees now the let it go! I agree, those 3 words are powerful! LET IT GO. :)

Wendy Christensen said...

NaDell, We are not moving far :) ... I'll have to blog about it at some point. Mostly, we are hoping to build and this move is just a little move before we get really settled. As for the kitchen table - yes, I am selling mine!Send me your email and I'll send you a photo --- :)Happy Friday to you!