Monday, August 15, 2011

Just keep swimming ...

While driving today, I heard something that made me smile and do a little reflecting. The deejay said: “Old people have a young person stuck inside of them yelling: “What happened?”

Earlier today I took my daughter to swimming lessons and had a really great time watching her perform the various strokes and moves in the water. I was impressed by the swim instructor and her confidence and her ability to teach the kids to swim. I was also impressed by the kids and their desire to jump into the cold, frigid water and get busy with monkey, tree rocket!

As I watched the kids swimming and trying their best to do the breast and back stroke, I thought to myself … Kids are such great examples of how we should live and be. They jump right in, try things, accept each other and keep trying when they don’t get it right.

I think that’s part of what happens as we age – we lose that beautiful part of ourselves that lets us really live.

(Back to the moment in the car) - As I turned the corner to home, I thought – there is a young person inside of me but she’s not saying “What happened?” She is shouting – Keep swimming Wendy, keep trying, keep believing, keep learning and keep LIVING!
What’s the ‘young voice’ inside of you saying?

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Marilee said...

Mine is saying, "Listen to Wendy!"