Friday, August 26, 2011

One of the most romantic songs ever ...

Kenny Rogers was performing at our big county fair last night – I love seeing performers at the fair. You throw down a blanket or set up a lawn chair and enjoy the show under the stars with the Farris Wheel and the sound of roller coaster screams in the distance. You’re also surrounded by people eating elephant ears and bright yellow ears of corn dripping in butter (hot off the BBQ) – there’s just nothing quite like it.

Aside from all that I have to say that Kenny Rogers is a class act. His band dresses up and so does he (despite the 100 degree temps). His songs brought back a lot of memories from the 80s and I couldn't’t help but smile as he began one of my all time favorite country songs – “Lady”.

{click here} for Lady via YouTube I think you’ll agree that’s it’s one of the most beautiful, romantic songs of all time.

Little note – This year marks 50 years of being in the entertainment business for Kenny Rogers. Amazing … !!

Did we get a big elephant ear after the show? YES! And we enjoyed every sticky, cinnamon and sugar bite! :)

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