Monday, October 06, 2014

'Aliens' in the Desert -

A desert bloom - in pink.
 A hint of yellow ...

 The sun turned us into Aliens ...

The West and it's authentic beauty!

There are days when I wish I lived near more trees. I love trees. Especially pine trees and evergreens.
Alas, we don't live by trees! We live by tumbleweeds, dirt, sagebrush, snakes and creepy desert bugs.

If I focus on all the things that are wrong, I make myself extremely miserable.
(Note to Self: Life is too short and amazing for negativity!)

So I don't focus on what's wrong and/or missing.

Instead, I appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.

Like the blue skies, the nearby farms, the 'desert blooms' and the evening walks I share with my husband. Just last night, we discovered our 'alien forms' and laughed as we imagined ourselves on a Spielberg alien movie scene!
(Note to Self: Enjoy the little moments like these - this is where happiness is!)

Cheers to focus and the things we choose to see and appreciate in life!

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