Friday, October 03, 2008

{Things that make you go WOW!}
Have you ever stopped to notice the things around you that make you say "WOW!"?
Birthday hugs and wishes for my little sister - Erica! WOW!
I love you!
Driving and seeing the gorgeous colors of fall - WOW!

Tomatoes from the garden in October ... WOW!

Going outside to water my roses and finding a huge praying mantis (WOW!)-- My son, Kaleb, loves bugs and anything that creeps and crawls and he loved letting this new found creature crawl all over him - WOW!

Cheers to the WOWs in life ... :)
Happy October.


Jennie Stanfield said...

Love all the wows! Thanks for the package in the mail full of fun baby boy clothes...they will be very useful. Love you.

Wendy Christensen said...

Now that's a BIG WOW Jennie - the new, little Stanfield soon to join the family!! I love you too ...

NaDell said...

We're still getting tomatoes too! It's lasted so long this year. I love that though. I can wash them and leave them in a bowl on the counter and a couple hours, if that long, later they are already gone. (We have a tomato-lover in our house!)
Love the fall colors. Hope it's not too bad a winter though. I hate having sick kids!

Alyson said...

Lots of wows in our daily life. Thanks for reminding us!

Anonymous said...

Wowie! I love the pictures Wend. It was so fun to see you. Thanks for everything. Loves to you and the Christensens.