Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5 Tips for Living a More Positive Life!

There are two kinds of energy in the world. One is the positive kind and the other is negative.

We have a choice every moment about the kind of energy we will allow in and the kind we with allow out.

We've all experienced both energy types. I personally, choose the positive kind!

Below are 5 tips to living with more positive energy -

1. Forget about Yourself.
When we focus on others and how we can reach out to make a difference, we invite positive energy and vibes in. When our focus is inward and all about our self - it tends to go negative and turn into a 'woe is me - pity party'.

2. Surround Yourself with People who make you Glad you are Alive. Energy is contagious - choose to be around people who support, lift and love you. These are the people who remind you daily that you matter and that life is a beautiful adventure.

3. Pray. Never underestimate the power of a prayer. Ask for assistance in finding and sharing the positive stuff in life. You'll be amazed at the added power a prayer can give you in this quest! Try it anytime, anywhere. Prayer is powerful and positive.

4. Nurture your Spirit with Positive Music and Quotes.
I find music and quotes to be very empowering! Music lifts and inspires and keeps you 'humming' all day. Quotes fill your mind with hope and inspiration! Need a few? Visit my Inspiring Quotes board on Pinterest.

5. Write a Love Letter and Send it.
This is old-school! I'm not talking email, text or voice mail - I'm talking an old fashioned, hand-written letter (with paper and pen). Write something in your own hand and send it off with a stamp via snail mail. I promise, you'll feel positive energy when you drop it off at the Post Office or at your mail box. The other person receiving it will feel the positive vibes too.

Bottom line, if you want more positive energy, forget about yourself and focus on another person! Nurture your spirit and choose very carefully every moment the words you choose to say and the energy you radiate! You have more power than you realize.

What zone are committed to living in?

I'm all about the positive zone. Positive energy invites happiness in!
Join me - it's a good place to be :)

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