Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When everything is a mess - Believe. Work Hard. Move Forward!

A few years ago, my husband and I bought an old, vintage house. It was built in 1944.
It was a foreclosure, it had a million problems - including no power or running water.

The price was right! We saw potential!

We bought it ... 

We dug in! We worked hard for years ... day and night.
It was dirty. It was ugly. The work never seemed to end ...

We tore up the kitchen floor (think 4+ layers and 2,000 nails) ...

We tore up old carpet ...

We refinished the original hardwood floors ....

We tore up the kitchen ...

There were days when I wanted to quit and I was sorry we ever bought the place.
Thankfully, we didn't give up.
This project taught me patience. It taught me gratitude and it taught me the value of hard work!
And on tough days, I visit the old house blog and it reminds me to keep moving forward and
to give each day and project my best!

Mostly, it reminds me that together, as a family, when we work together,
we can accomplish anything.

Cheers to moving forward and working hard :)

We sold this home just over a year ago, and every time I drive by it I say (out loud):

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Paul S said...

Your attitude is inspirational! There's nothing else I can say.