Monday, October 26, 2015

A beautiful heart.

A beautiful heart can bring things into your life
that all the money in the world couldn't obtain.

I read that quote this morning and thought - What is a beautiful heart?

Here's a few thoughts:

A soft heart (one that feels and cares and is humble)
A loving heart (one that forgives and understands)
A happy heart (one that finds and creates joy)
A patient heart (one that endures the trials of life and waits upon the Lord)
An open heart (one that is not closed to ideas and suggestions)
A kind heart (one that seeks to always be kind)
A grateful heart (one that appreciates)
A lifting heart (one that lifts those around them)
An in tune heart (one that hears the needs of others)
A true heart (one that is real)
A brave heart (one that stands up for what is good)
A serving heart (one that serves those around them)
A trusting heart (do what you say)
A musical heart (sing)
A prayerful heart (one that prays)
A teachable heart (one that learns and hears and changes for the better)
A wise heart (one that knows and moves forward)
A friendly heart (one that makes room for old and new friends)
A welcome heart (one that is not closed and has room for love!)

What would you add to the list?

PS: I agree, living with a beautiful heart brings blessings, peace and JOY that money can't buy.

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