Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Find the still point ...

School was cancelled today - second day in a row. I found it interesting all the comments on Facebook from Moms this morning ... "I'm going crazy."  was a common complaint.

I get it. Snow days mean - kids are home all day with no place to go except outside. That means wet clothes, laundry and messes everywhere.

I had to smile. I used to pray for snow days - Please, let the kids stay home with me! Let us enjoy this time together. Let us enjoy the winter season ... let it snow!

I love the above quote by TS Eliot - Find the still point in the a turning world.

The world is turning - it's not going to stop. We can't get back the days that are gone. We can't get back the days we spent in negative energy or the ones we wished away.

Slow down, enjoy the moment. Enjoy the snow day. This too shall pass.

Let it snow. Enjoy the falling magic of it all ...Find the still point. Drink it in. Cherish it.

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