Friday, January 06, 2017

The fridge - a place to showcase greatness!

Geometry Test: 32 out of 32 = 100%
(- 0 ) LOVE THAT.

Last night my daughter took something out of her backpack and put it on the the fridge. I walked over to see what it was - WOW - math test 32 out of 32 - 100%. I find this totally amazing as this is a high school Geometry class and she's in the 8th grade!

Made ms so happy for her. I never ever aced a math test. I failed a few ... never aced one. I love that my daughter placed her test on the fridge. It's the display board at our house. Filled with family photos, inspirational quotes and proud moments in life.

Well done LAUREN.
Stay smart.
Stay driven.
Move forward with your dreams and happy energy.

And keep posting them on our fridge!

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