Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Letting go - faith and moving forward ...

It's a cold snowy Tuesday in January - things have slowed down a bit as the holidays are over. I'm sitting here thinking about the past few months and the 'rush' it has been. (Slowing down does create time to reflect, think and process ...)

Our son joined the Marine Corps just days after turning 18 ... He was assigned to boot camp 6 months later.

Saying goodbye was really difficult. What would happen to him? Would he be able to handle the stress at boot camp? I said my prayers. I prayed for strength. I survived the good bye at the MEPS station. I watched him get into a van and drive away.

He was allowed to take his drivers licence, his social security card, 20 bucks and the clothes on his back.

Such a strange feeling. He had been ours for 18 years ... We made sure he had clothes and food and shelter and lots of love.

Would all that be provided by the military? (Welcome to lots of unknowns)

I finally just turned my fears over to the Lord and thanked Him for blessing us with such a good son. Again, I asked for added strength. And mostly, I prayed (and continue to pray for our son).

This experience has taught me a great deal about faith and the power of prayer and the unavoidable point in time when we as parents, must let go.

We are so proud of him. Go and DO son of ours. Go and DO.

Here's to getting stronger and chasing down dreams - especially the ones that are big, scary and not at all easy! I am truly thankful for his desire to serve our country and make a difference.

Together, we keep moving forward. We continue to trust God and believe in good things to come.

Thankful for the peace and comfort HE (a loving Heavenly Father) so graciously pours upon us all.

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