Monday, January 01, 2007

Come on MOM - let's go down again! :)
yahooooooooooo .... That's me and my three kids.
We took advantage of the snow and went sledding ...!

Happy 2007 ...
What if days could talk? :)

Can you imagine what a day would say to you – if it could talk? Would it shout or whisper? Would it be a long conversation or short? Would the day offer advice or simply speak random phrases? I think I just heard a few days from the year 2006 telling me a few things … Come on – let’s find out what they are saying:

January 2006 – (This day used a normal voice tone) “It’s a new year Wendy – you will love, laugh, live and LEARN much this year! Enjoy every moment…”

A spring day in May: (This day shouted at me)
“WENDY the next time you decide to take a journey across the country – remember to take something to help you with your motion sickness on airplanes!”

A hot summer day in August: (This day used a kind, gentle voice)
“Look around – see all the people here? This is your family… They love you and you’re lucky to have each other! Never forget how wonderful it is to be part of a family….”(We were at a family reunion in Park City, Utah)

A cold day in November: (This day used a soft voice tone)
“Wendy, remember this quote it’s beautiful and will help with your future:”
Every story is a love story regardless of the content because it teaches us about us.
~ Resa Steindel Brown (author of the Call to Brilliance).

A snowy day in December
: (This was a whisper)
“Look at this beautiful day and look at those three kids of yours …come on go down the hill on the sled … Now go again!” (Yeah, I did!)

A few of my personal favorite things from 2006 –
John Mayer (love his music – the lyrics make you think and the beat makes you dance).

Mapletree Publishing Company (love the books, authors and the opportunity I have to be their Publicist)

My family, friends and all the love that decorates my life …

I am looking forward to this year and am eager to hear what the days have to teach me …
Come on – bring on the LIVING…!

Love and always love,

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