Monday, January 22, 2007

Eat a fortune cookie …

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
The shortest distance between two people is a smile.

I’m in the habit of checking the news via the MSN homepage each morning and today one of the news pieces caught my eye. Which one? It’s the article about today being the most depressing day of the year. I’ve heard many people say that January is a depressing month for them. Reasons vary – the cold weather, gray days, holiday let-down, extra weight from all the turkey, ham and pumpkin pie… the list goes on.

I must admit there is usually a day or two in January that I feel a little ‘down’. Luckily, it’s not today. In fact, my ‘January blue day’ happened last week! What did I do to help combat the day? I ate a fortune cookie, I listened to music and I told myself it was OK to nurture my spirit. Sometimes we need that! We need a day to slow down, reflect and regroup.

Do you need a few ideas on nurturing your spirit? Good because I made a little collection of things that may help you with taking on cold, January days!

5 tips to help with the ‘blues’ –

Get some Chinese food. Order take out and make sure you get a few fortune cookies! (I bought an entire bag of fortune cookies. That way, if I happened to get a fortune cookie I didn’t like – I could simply choose another one). Who says you just need ONE?

Light a candle, eat some bell peppers and put on your favorite music.

Read a book that makes you feel good. Then call a friend and tell him/her about it.

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. I highly recommend walking.

Buy yourself an indoor plant. (Mini/baby roses are my favorite). Plants do wonders for the soul.

Would you like to know a little history about fortune cookies? Check out the site below -

Remember to smile and feel free to share your fortune cookie message here… (How do you fight the blues?) Feel free to share that too ...

Fortune cookie message for the road: Your strength will grow stronger by being tried.


Anonymous said...

Remember, being happy is not always being perfect.
fortune cookie message

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Wendy, first time I saw it. I read all your posts this morning ;) Your messages always brighten my day, even dreary January days! Thanks! Stacy (old college friend)

Anonymous said...

Great, Wendy - let me add another - call your grandchildren! Can't possibly be "blue" when energized by their effervescent spirits!
Cheers - Sue

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