Saturday, April 14, 2007

The day you were born … It's important!

Let’s talk about birthdays for a moment. We all have them. Some of them may be more enjoyable than others ... but the fact remains, birthdays do not stop coming (until we die). And even then those who loved us still remember us and celebrate the time we were here. Then there are those people who were ultra famous – their birthdays become holidays or at least mentioned on radio and or TV shows as part of the ‘on this date in history’ segments. Fact is – Birthdays matter. The way I see it, the world changes each time a new person is born. Each of us leaves our tracks on the world by what we choose to do with our time on it.

OK what’s up with the chit chat about birthdays you ask? Well, today happens to be the day I was born…! It’s been a splendid day and there’s still more celebrating to do...Might as well ENJOY the birthday fun for as long as possible right?

The day started out with pancakes for breakfast (thanks to my husband for that) and then it was off to our oldest son’s soccer game. Did you know that soccer games are played regardless of rain showers? Wow – it was a wet, cold game!! Our oldest son scored a goal and that was exciting. Way to go Kade ...

Next, it was off to a baseball game for son #2. It was freezing and the 6-inning game took two hours. It was a wonderful two hours though! He’s batting 1000 as he is 6 for 6. Yup – the star hitter of the team! I love watching our kids play sports ... Especially when they love the game and enjoy being part of the team. Way to go Kaleb ...

Then, it was home for cake and singing… What now? Kaleb (the slugger) took 3rd place in a community children’s poetry event and he’s reading it tonight at the Community Center.
His poem is called: Snakes and is simply wonderful!
I can hardly wait to hear him read it on stage - out loud!

All in all, it’s been the perfect day! I feel so grateful to be alive and to have another birthday. Birthdays cause me to reflect and appreciate the days, months and years that I’ve had to live, love and learn – and I look forward to many many more.

I am truly grateful to our Father in Heaven who showers each of us with so many blessings.
I feel that each day is a gift and want to live them to their fullest. I’m so thankful for my parents who chose to have me and taught me so many wonderful things. I love you Mom & Dad…. thanks for giving me a birthday :) ...

Cheers to time and all the beautiful things we can do with it!

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