Monday, April 23, 2007

A lullaby for Mom and Dad

I have one daughter and she brings so much joy to my life … I couldn’t ever put in words what a blessing and treasure she is to me! Last weekend, she fell and broke her right collarbone (she’s 4 and a half). It was quite the trauma for the entire family – as this was our first experience with a broken bone! She has this endless optimism for life and happiness just pours out of her. Even with a broken clavicle, she is simply cheery. It’s inspiring for all who meet her.

Tonight as I put her to bed she didn’t want the ‘bedtime routine to end’ and decided to sing a lullaby for Mom and Dad… oh it was funny! I think it was to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star – I’m not sure. But the words were … I love my Mom and Dad I love them love them … This is the lullaby for Mom and Dad.

(Please try to picture the scene – it’s late, she’s in a big t-shirt, one arm is wrapped inside the shirt due to the broken bone and one is out). She’s just singing her heart out and full of joy …

I felt like it should have been a commercial for Visa.

T-Shirt: $9.99
Sheets: $19.99
Daughter singing a lullaby for Mom & Dad - with a broken clavicle: PRICELESS

OH that we could all be so full of love and endless happiness…
Cheers to daughters and priceless moments.

Good night beautiful Princess Lauren … Thanks for the lullaby.

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