Friday, August 24, 2007

Look Heart – No Hands …

I had the opportunity to hit our county fair twice this week! The first (1) night, we took our oldest son to see Cheap Trick in concert. I knew two of the songs they played: “I want you to want me” and “The Flame.” It was a loud show with lots of guitar jamming – I was amazed at the display of talent and unique guitars. One of the guitars was shaped like a person and it had legs! Another guitar had 5 necks on it and there are only a few of those in the world …Obviously, this group had a passion for guitars, music and rock & roll! For the record - my ears rang for a couple of hours after the show! It meant a lot to our son, Kade, and I was glad we were able to enjoy the night together.

The second (2) time we went, we took the entire family! The kids loved riding the rides and checking out the animals! We were also able to see Randy Travis in concert and enjoyed hearing him sing his country tunes live!

Cheers to county fairs, carnival rides and the music that fills the air …!


kidsdreamspot said...

A Human Guitar!!! I'd love to see that ~ my imagination is coming up with all sorts of images! :) Fun Times!!!

Wendy Christensen said...

Stacy, It was funny! When he was tired of playing it, he just put it down on the stage and it stood on its legs!... :)Cheers to imagination!!!