Saturday, August 11, 2007

These are the words I know -

This blog entry requires a little participation on your part. Please click on the link below and listen to the song “Words that I know” by Brady Rymer…

{Then read the rest of this note. }

Did you cry when you listened to that song? I did! As a parent, I remember the first time each one of my children said – “Mom”, “Dad” or “I love you”

That song made me do some thinking about the way our lives change as we grow and develop. When we our little our whole word is simple and our vocabulary consists of - Mom, Dad, love, dog, ball, bird, flower and hello.

And then as time goes by – our world changes and in order to keep up with it …. Our words change too. Before you know it we’re saying: mortgage, leave a message, bottom line, super size it, I'm sorry, and send me an email.

This week, pay attention to the words you know and use – amazing how they make up the world around us!!!

What words do you know?!

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kidsdreamspot said...

Ahh, such a sweet song. My baby girl said "I Love You" for the first time recently. Soo sweet! I Love It!