Friday, August 31, 2007

Down Came the Blackbird ...

We have a little collection of Nursery Rhymes that we read at night (to our daughter) ... My favorite one to read is "Sing-a-Song of Sixpence" The drama factor with this one is second to none! Try it out loud if you'd like - (read with expression and passion) I add an English accent just for the fun of it!

"The maid was in the garden hanging out the clothes;
Down, Down, Down DOWN came the blackbird and pecked off her NOSE!"

What is my daughter doing while I read this? She's hiding under her blankets to protect her nose from the pesky blackbird (that happens to be my hand) and she's laughing until she can hardly breathe.

Sometimes just to spice the story up I'll change the word nose to toes ....
Cheers to the stories that linger from one generation to another!

How does your nursery rhyme go??? .... :)

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Kami said...

While Ian was away for a few days on a business trip I had the task of putting the boys to bed alone. We rifled through stories to read before nodding off and came across the "Real Mother Goose" book. You know, the black/white one with the old drawings and glossy paper? I came across one that I remembered always freaked me out..."Wee Willy Winky runs through the town...upstairs and downstairs and in his nightgown...rapping on the windows, looking in the locks, "are all your children fast asleep, for now it's eight-o'clock?" That one always bugged me. Why was this strange man clad in a night-shirt running around town peering into people's houses to catch a peek at their kids? What kind of a pervert does that? There are a lot of really weird ones out there, but we always loved "sing a song of sixpence too."