Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dancing with the STARS ...
We needed some 'mood music' in the house tonight so I pulled out our "Monster Mash" CD full of Halloween-ish type songs. I had no idea the songs would have such a powerful impact on our MOOD. :) Before I knew it, the front room turned into a dance studio and we were busting a move, getting our groove out...WOW!

My son, Kaleb, has moves that defy the laws of gravity!! Would you like to have your own Monster Mash night in your house? OK all you need is the following playlist (turn up the volume) and bust a move baby!!!! :)

Monster Mash
(Party Music)

1. Monster Mash
2. Ghostbusters
3. Spooky
4. Bad Moon Rising
5. Macho Man
6. Abracadabra
7. Soul Man
8. Wooly Bully
9. Stayin' Alive
10. Batdance
What 'stars' are you dancing with? :) ...

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