Thursday, November 01, 2007

"I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too ..."

I love Halloween! This year, I dressed up in three different costumes ... Can you believe?
The first costume I was a retro 50s gal (Poodle skirt and all), second time I went to a dance with my husband and he was Superman (I was Lois Lane) and last night - I couldn't resist being a witch! The funnest part about the costume, was the eyelashes - WOW ... talk about make your eyes jump out! Ladies, if you've never tried wearing big, full, black lashes - I highly recommend it... Amazing things happen!!

I do hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! I am feeling the 'Halloween jet-lag' today and I think the peanut butter cups might help give me the 'kick' I need to resume the warp speed pace of life these days!!!

Signing off -

Witch Wendy... Hee hee hee
{Riding off on my broomstick now} Zooming out of web site ... (LOL)

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