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Book Expo & Publicity tips for Authors

Publicity TIP
Authors Take NOTE ...
I had the privilege of meeting Rick Frishman while attending the Publisher’s Marketing Association (PMA) University courses in Washington D.C. during BookExpo in 2006. If you are an author I highly recommend you sign up for his newsletter. Below is a powerful reminder about believing …

******"A Rick Tip"******

This week- it will actually be a "Harvey Tip". This is from my friend Harvey Mackay. We at PTA have handled Harvey for years and consider him to be a mentor. Below are 3 Tips from Harvey. You can sign up for his newsletter at

Tip number 1:
Believe in yourself - even when no one else does.

Life is not a parabolic curve. It doesn't go straight up. There are a lot of lumps and bumps. A lot of throttling up ... and throttling down. I've never met a successful person who hasn't had to overcome either a little or a lot of adversity.

Anytime I feel like quitting I just look at a framed poster I have hanging in my office
of one of our people:

He failed in business in '31.
He ran as a state legislator and lost in '32.
He tried business again in '33 and failed again.
His sweetheart died in '35.
He had a nervous breakdown in '36.
He ran for state elector in '40 after he regained his health.
He was defeated for Congress in '43, defeated again for Congress in '48, defeated when he ran for the Senate in '55 and defeated for vice presidency of the United States in '56.

He ran for Senate again in '58 and lost.
This man never quit. He kept trying till the last. In 1860, this man Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States.

So it seems like if we want to triple our success ratio ... we might have to triple our failure rate.
Reprinted from "Rick Frishman's Author 101 Newsletter" Subscribe at and receive Rick's "Million Dollar Rolodex"

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