Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lunch with Lauren …
(My thoughts on a snowy Thursday afternoon)

My daughter and I have had the opportunity to share lunch time together for most of her life!
(She's 5 so that's a lot of Mom & daughter lunch times)...

Every day before lunch I say to her – “Lauren, I’m the luckiest Mom in the whole world.” And she then says: “Why?” And I reply: “Because I get to sit by you and eat lunch with you everyday!” And we both laugh. This little routine has been going on for a long time.

Today, we were in a rush to eat so we could get her to preschool on time. I quickly made the usual peanut butter only sandwiches (cut into 4 little sandwiches) with some chips, a glass of milk and a napkin.

As I went into the dining room, she said: “Mom, why are you soooooooo lucky?”
I looked at her and said: “Because I have you for a daughter and we get to sit together and have lunch!” “YUP” she yelled.

And even though we were in a big hurry, we still had time to chat about letters of the alphabet, the falling snow outside and would it still be there after she got done with school, and could we make a big snowman later, and did the word Milk really start with M b/c on Blues Clues Steve said cow started with C ….

I love you Lauren. Thanks for all the wonderful lunchtimes. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for blessing me with three awesome kids who add more meaning and magic to my life than I could ever express in words.

Signing off –
I can’t wait for the kids to get home from school so
we can build a snowman or snow creature in the backyard ….


Alyson said...

Have fun with the snowman! We haven't had enough snow this year to build one. You're daughter is very lucky to have a mother so grateful for her!

kidsdreamspot said...

Your such a good mom!