Friday, June 06, 2008

{Dress It Up Day Gallery}
Dress Inspirations ...
Enjoy the dress collection below ... More to come!!
{Learning to Fly}
Dress Designer: Lauren
Sometimes, you just need to feel like an angel. Please notice the green and pink dress above. It was created by my Angel for other angels to wear and enjoy! This dress comes with pink wings, a green purse and pink square (block) shoes. If you would like to purchase the angel shaped earrings those are sold separately. The next dress in this collection is called the Nest. This dress is available for moms and children. If you'd like matching nest dresses please let me know. This dress comes with a nest purse (there are eggs on the purse) - Lauren just informed me that they will not hatch. The shoes have bird nests on the top with polka dot fabric. The earrings are eggs and are sold separately. Cheers to spring and all things that are growing/hatching and learning to 'fly'!!

{The Furry Kind}
Dress Designer: Lauren
Please notice the 3 dresses above. The first one is called the Squirrel. Feel free to purchase the acorn earrings and adorable squirrel purse and shoes to complete the squirrel look. PS: The fabric for this dress is fuzzy brown fur. The second dress is called the Rabbit. The outfit is complete with heart earrings and a little rabbit handbag. The final design in this animal collection is a hula dress. This is a beautiful creation perfect for summer nights on the beach (or at the park) - no need to bring your hula hoop (there's one built in the skirt)! Hula away kidos! :)

{Prom dress dreams ... back in the 90s}
Dress Designer: Katie Lichfield

Back in the early 90s, I was a student at college and mail from home via the mailman was like heaven! One day, I received a very fun letter from my sister, Katie. Inside was this drawing of her dream prom dress! I loved reading all about her plans for the big night and was happy to know that I was not alone in realizing the power of a DRESS! Don't you find it amazing how planning for a big event can add a spark of magic to all involved?!... For the record, the dress turned out beautiful and looked gorgeous on 'Princess Katie'!!

Cheers to your style and panache that makes YOU YOU!!


Kylene said...

WOW! So very cute! I'm loving the hula dress. Hula included! Now I just need a nice beach to wear it on....

Jennie Stanfield said...

Okay, Katie's dressed looked exactly like that...and it was one of my favorites. Lauren's dresses are too cute and I LOVE your drawings. How fun. I think these holidays are going to catch on. I know some of my friends are, I'll have to get more involved next time. Such a great idea Wendy. I know I had fun participating.

Wendy Christensen said...

Kylene and Jennie - Thanks for the feedback. Lauren's dresses are a riot! She cracks me up ... :)

Alyson said...

Your daughter is so creative! I think we have a future world-famous designer in our mist!

Obviously creativity runs in the family, seeing your sister's work.

Wendy Christensen said...

Alyson, creativity is HUGE at our home :)!! My entire family is creative - its GREAT!