Friday, June 06, 2008

{Dress It Up Day - June 6, 2008}
Happy Dress It Up Day!! I hope you enjoy the many dresses posted below ...
Ahhhh the power of a dress and a little imagination - Enjoy :)
Go ahead ... post something dressy up on your site.
{For the Beam Me Up Moments}
Ever been on a date where you wish you could just say "Beam me up" and be transported to another place and time? Well, this dress was designed for that very purpose! It's called the Spock Collection and includes: Star Trek earrings, a UFO cell phone, and a very Trekish dress.
(When you are ready to be 'transported' - simply say "Beam me up" into the UFO Cell Phone)!

{The Wendy Bird}
OK I have this friend (who I've known for 20+ years) and she calls me Wendy Bird. It's her name for me... Why? I don't know - I need to ask her! Anyhow, this outfit collection was inspired by her nickname for me! The Wendy Bird - Dress, bird handbag, slip on heels (3") - complete with nest on top of shoe. Perfect for a "Free Bird" dance or concert ...


This dress is for those of you who loved the movie Ever After starring Drew Barrymore (PG, 1998). I have always loved butterflies and find them to be so inspiring... It may have something to do with knowing that an ugly worm can turn into something beautiful and fly away!! :)
The purse says imagine which happens to sum up this entire outfit!! Set includes: Fairy dress, butterfly shoes, imagine purse and sparkly wings - Enjoy!

{The Blooper}

I think there needs to be a shoe called The Blooper. There it is ... It goes with anything!
designs by Wendy Christensen
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Anonymous said...

I like the Wendy Bird collection and think you should try to make up some of those bird handbags. Thanks for the dress holiday!

Jennie Stanfield said...

Fun, fun stuff Wend. Very creative and very you. Love you.

Alyson said...

I love it all! I think Wendy bird is from Peter Pan. I think the lost boys called her that when they thought she was a bird flying in.

I SO wanted to do a dressy posting yesterday, but then we had to change our Boston trip to yesterday and that made it impossible. If you do anything like this again, let me know.

Wendy Christensen said...

Alyson, I plan on having more blogging holidays - I'll keep you posted! As for Peter Pan ... I think you're right!! Thanks for the nickname insight!! I hope your trip to Boston was wonderful!!

Jayci said...

i wanted to do this SO badly. These little dresses are so cute! I was having my mom give me some ideas and things, and then Friday was spent on the train and then we were pooped when we got back and I didn't finish. I'm already looking forward to your next 'challenge'. :)