Wednesday, June 04, 2008

{A prayer on the sidewalk}

Yesterday was a dark and rainy day. It rained all day and felt like we were back in Noah’s time when the earth was being cleansed by a flood! Luckily, we know that will never happen again … (the flood part).

The animal two by two did happen again. – Two dogs showed up on our front lawn late in the evening. (One female and one male) they ended up here on accident or they followed the scent of a happy house full of happy people and couldn’t help but stop by! Luckily, one had a collar with info so we returned it to its home. The other dog was completely lost and thought my husband was his master. He also thought he could come into the house. After an hour of trying to help him find his way home (with no luck) we decided to call around and see if there were any shelters that would take him for the night. They were all closed… Finally, we had to just come inside and turn out the lights. That poor dog stood on our front steps and barked for an hour. I’m sure the barks would have translated into – “Why, can’t I find my home? Why was there thunder in the sky tonight and why did I run away?
And finally, why can’t you just let me come in?”

Eventually the barking and whining stopped and he made his way out into the night
in search of his home.

The cutest part of the whole night was watching (from the front door) as my husband and our 3 children said a prayer (out loud) in the rain on the sidewalk for the dog and master to be reunited!

Dog, wherever you are, know that there are 5 people hoping you find your home full of love and yummy dog treats … :)


idahomayos said...

Ahh, hopefully the dog found his home!

Jennie Stanfield said...

The rain part sounds like every day in Seattle...(we are still waiting for sunshine), the dog part is just sweet. I sure hope he found his home. Reminds me of that song..."I don't know where my home is, I don't know where my home is. I'm like a bird..."

Alyson said...

How sweet. You guys are so nice to do everything you could to get him home.