Saturday, June 04, 2011


I bumped into this photo tonight and had to smile! I would love to have a clothes line in the backyard.

I remember spending summers as a kid with my Grandma and we would hang out the clothes together on her big spinning clothes line and talk about how she used to do her laundry by hand. Those are sweet memories!

I think tonight my dreams will be of fresh, white laundry blowing dry in the cool mountain air of Wyoming and stories of days long gone told by my Grandma.

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Lost in the Laundry said...

I loved this little post Wendy for so many little reasons. It warmed memories in my heart that brought a smile to my face. First it reminded me I had a blog...its called "Lost in the Laundry". I haven't written in it for a while, but it reminded me how I did enjoy writing in it once upon a time. Second, it reminded me of my sweet grandma's clothes line and how I loved hanging the wash with her on that line. My favorite was the sheets and towels whipping in the wind. Crack! I can hear them even now. Truth be told, when grandma got to old to take care of herself,and moved in with a family member - I got her washer and dryer. They were old when I got them, and to think for 12 years now, they've continues to serve my family as they did hers. Ramble, ramble I go...thanks for the prompt to revisit some dear memories.