Monday, June 27, 2011

Summertime ...

Can't wait to write love notes in the sand ...
Looking forward to picking cherries in Yakima ... (That's me, the second fruit from the left)!!

Lighthouses - they move me! I can hardly wait to visit this one in July ...
The Ocean - beautiful, vast, inspiring ... ahhhhh I can already hear the waves, feel the sand on my feet and taste the s'mores on the beach.
Butterflies, chalk art and summer - they just go together.
I hope to bump into a few flea markets and bring home a few treasures from the road.
Road trips - nothing like them (especially when you turn the corner and find yourself face to face with a big, gorgeous mountain!)
Check that out - Mt. Rainier.
Afton, Wyoming - SO hoping to spend some time here in July!! Fingers crossed.
Summertime - full of wonder, awe and adventure!
Cheers to the places we go, people we meet and the new things we learn, see and experience ...

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Marie said...

Love that you share your moments with us! thank you. love notes in the sand are priceless