Monday, April 06, 2015

Be an Uplifter (3 tips) -

Uplifter - Someone who inspires those around them to see the possibilities!
Look up and Live ...

A - ACT ...
It's easy to think our little moment don't really matter or that we can't make a difference. This is not true! Each of us has an important role to play in the world ... Our smile, our words, our actions - they matter! And if we really understood the impact we all have on each other and the ability we have to lift and serve we would be totally astonished. Today - use your moments to lift someone else. Share a kind thought, your smile or your time. Never underestimate your ability to do good! Your actions matter - choose to do something good and be amazed at the far-reaching affect it will have on others.

B - Believe in yourself and others ...What we choose to believe shows up in the way we live! Do you believe in the power you have to lift another person? The world has enough critics already - be a believer. Believe in the goodness of the people in your life. Believe in the gifts the Lord has blessed you with. Believe that you can and do matter!

I love this little quote: What if I fall? Oh, my darling - what if you fly?

Can you see the fear disappear with belief? What if you fly?! So beautiful. Give someone wings to go and do and TRY and FLY with your belief in them!

We lift and give each other wings to fly as we Believe.

C - have Courage! No fear. Only love - sometimes love takes courage! Do not give up. Keep moving forward... Believe in the ability you have to create positive change with your courage to act, believe and DO!

Speak up for the good around you. Your voice matters.

Be an uplifter - start today.

You got this...

Fly. I believe YOU CAN!!


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