Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Happy 44th birthday – Travis!

It wasn't the digital era - I only have a few, precious photos of my brother ... However, I have a million memories locked in my mind (I visit them often) and I smile and remember a life that will always touch mine! Happy birthday big brother - I love you! ‪#‎Lich‬

Today is my brother’s birthday. He died when I was 15, it was the summer before my sophomore year. He was 17 – just about to enter his senior year of high school.

I’ll never forget the day he died. Time stood still. My world changed forever. I won’t lie and say that it was an easy time getting through the rest of my high school years. In fact, it was very challenging. I can attribute four things to pulling me through that time – the cross country team, my friends & family and a loving Heavenly Father who gave me hope and patience and a desire to keep ‘running’.

It’s been 28 years since he passed away. I find myself reflecting today, on his birthday, full of gratitude and love for the journey it’s been. I’m a different person today because of his life and death. I am stronger. I am filled with more faith. I have more love to share. I have empathy, understanding and a desire to live every single day with joy, enthusiasm and with a loving heart. I know the Lord has his purposes in all things.
My brother’s life was short but wonderful. His race was not long … but important.

We all have a race to run.

I thank Heavenly Father every day for blessing me with a big brother who made me laugh, try, reach and believe! 

And today I celebrate his life and the wonderful memories we shared!

Happy birthday Travis!

My black socks are on. I’m still ‘running’ forward and think of you often.

I love you,
Little Lich

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Derek and Valerie Bowls said...

I remembered Travis when I was a junior, and he was in 7th grade (back then, the kids from Carmichael ran cross country at Richland). He was this pint sized person, and we had a difficult time finding a uniform that would fit him, because he was pint sized:-). But he had a happy disposition and a huge heart. And I wished I also had his gentleness and patience as well. And even as a 7th grader, he ran incredibly fast.

I was also fortunate to watch has last race on the track (I believe it was the Big Nine Districts at Fran Rish Stadium in 1988). Leading from tront (Prefontaine-style), he pushed hard, only to miss going to state when he finished third (and this was as a sophomore!). What struck me was how humble he took the loss. After that, I never saw him again.

His athletic prowess and exploits were inspiring, but his character was even more inspiring.

Derek Bowls
RHS Class of 1984