Tuesday, June 09, 2015

My Singing Superman!

Wendy and Tory Christensen - singing around the campfire

Tory Christensen, AKA The Singing Superman

Tory and Wiggles ... Wiggle Like a Fish


My husband, who I like to call the Singing Superman, has an incredible singing voice! Over the years, we have enjoyed singing together - mostly at home, in the car or at a select few venues. I get nervous singing in front of a crowd - he does not!

Several years ago, we started a little group called - Wiggle Like a Fish
My husband wrote all the songs and we embarked on a very amazing journey to share the positive music with kids and families everywhere! I became the Booking Agent and PR Director.

He has performed in Children's Hospitals, The Seattle Science Center, Public Libraries, Preschools, Parks, Festivals, Farmer's Markets, and even opened for The Nickelodeon Live show ...

We started this adventure when our kids were little - they are big now! Big enough to take a turn playing, Wiggles, our dancing fish. 

We are thankful for all the ways we have been able to make a difference with the music and for all the people who have and continue to support us along the way! 

You can read more about Wiggle Like a Fish HERE.

Upcoming Events -

June 19th, Walla Walla Public Library
10 AM

July 4th River of Fire Festival
Kids Zone: Shows at 2 and 4 PM

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