Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Rainbows: Evidence of God's love

Rainbows above our house ...

A rainbow in Afton, Wyoming ...

Double rainbows for Kade ...

Rainbows are evidence of God's love. I have seen His hand in my life by these beautiful beacons of color and light shining through the 'stormy days' ... Below are 3 examples of 'Rainbow Miracles' from the past year -

Double rainbows for Kade -

On the day our son, Kade, received his mission call to serve a 2 year mission (away from home), there were double rainbows in the sky! A loving Heavenly Father let us know He was there and that our son would be watched over.

A rainbow in Afton, Wyoming -

This particular place is very dear to me and to my entire family. It is the homestead of my Grandma and Grandpa Call and I spent many summer days there in my childhood. My older brother, Travis, is buried in Afton and I often think of him and the impact he had on my life.

This rainbow reminds me that a loving Heavenly Father is mindful of the loss in our lives and of the desires of our hearts.  He heals, He lifts, He helps us overcome. And mostly, He loves us through all the storms - HIS love enables us to keep moving forward with hope, faith and joy!

A rainbow at our house - 

Last night, our family said good-bye to my sister and her family. They lived here for the past couple of months and good-byes are not my thing. I avoid them at all costs ... so this good-bye was particularly challenging. Yes, I cried. The flood gates were open ... I let the tears flow!

We drove home and received a photo of our house with the rainbow from our kind neighbor. He took the photo on Sunday from his front porch. He included a little text that said: In case you missed the rainbow ...

This was further evidence that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us and that His plan is bigger than the one we can dream up or comprehend on our own. He is aware of the painful goodbye of the uncertainties in life and every heart that breaks and still He reaches out to lift us up and help us along our way.

I am thankful for the rainbows in my life. They show up at the most needed times and fill my heart with love and light.

Everything denotes there is a God.

I see Him everywhere ... especially in the people who are the most beautiful 'rainbows' of all.

How does GOD show up in your life?

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