Sunday, May 13, 2007

Homemade Normandy Rose Jeans ...
(A very sweet memory of my MOM)
My mom has always been an excellent seamstress. One of her greatest joys came from sewing clothes for her five daughters. I am the oldest so I got the better part of her sewing years. You can see her talent displayed (on me) via the school photos through the years. Trust me – it was fashion at its best.

I was happy and very pleased with my wardrobe until about the 5th grade. That was the time I discovered Normandy Rose Jeans. They were made using dark blue denim with a pink rose on the back right pocket.

For a little extra money, my mom fixed and tailored jeans for a local denim store. Somehow she found time to fix the endless piles of jeans at night. We lived in a small three bedroom home and often fell to sleep by the hum of the sewing machine.

One day while we were at the shop, I slipped into a stall and tried on a pair of Normandy Rose jeans. I know my mom wanted to get them…. But there were seven children in our family and money was tight. We went home without them.

That night, I feel asleep to the hum of the sewing machine. The next morning I awoke to find a pair of homemade Normandy Rose Jeans outside my room. Instead of being grateful and appreciative, I cried and told her the big rose patch she ironed on the back pocket would never do! Everyone would know they were NOT real. I never wore them.

Did she respond with hurtful words or anger? No, she simply put them away.

I learned that standing up for your self can be done with respect, dignity and love.
I knew from that day on - because she showed me. Thanks, I love you Mom.
*I submitted this write-up into the "Times Mom Stood Up for Me" contest.
Did I win? No but the experience of entering and remember this sweet
moment with my Mom was worth it :) ...
PS -
Happy Mother's Day... I truly believe there is no better job in the entire world.
Being a Mom is something I cherish ....
Thanks - Kade, Kaleb and Lauren for being so patient with me and allowing me
to live, learn, love and laugh with you ...Oh the things we've learned together.
I love you.


Tharker said...

What a great memory! Isn't is funny how we can't truly appreciate all of the things that our moms did for us until we become a mother ourselves? Being a mother is the hardest thing I've ever done, but also the very most rewarding at the same time. Happy Mother's Day Wendy!

Anonymous said...

When I read this write-up to my 10 year old son he cried. He couldn't believe I didn't wear the jeans ... I explained to him that there are some moments we wish we had back so we could do things a little different. He then asked what I would have done different. I told him I would have worn them proudly and appreciated the love and effort my Mom put into making them for me. Big tears rolled down his face ... Once again, the homemade Normandy Rose Jeans helped create a precious moment.

Tharker said...

Holy Cow! That was an awesome mother/son moment if ever there was one!