Monday, May 21, 2007

The seasons change and with them we do too
By Wendy L. Christensen

As each season comes to an end, I find myself anticipating the beginning of the next approaching one. The heat of the summer causes me to long for the cooler days of fall. The never ending piles of leaves prompt me to welcome the snow and winter. And here we are – right at the beginning of summer (or end of spring) and I find myself excited once again for the season at hand.

As I was clicking around online I bumped into a quote by Henry David Thoreau –
Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink,
taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.

This quote is inspiring and reminds us to live each season as it passes. This year will be my year to really do that. I’m going to take some extra time during each season to breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit and enjoy the influences they provide. (Yes, I’ll even breathe the air of these gray, gloomy days and learn from them what I can). You can too – if you want.

When springtime arrives, I plan on enjoying the new leaves that will decorate the trees. I’ll pay more attention to the miracle of tulips, daffodils and the baby geese along the river. I’ll ride my bike, walk and get out more to enjoy the spring air. As for the drink of springtime, I feel that will be a big glass of ice water with a slice of lemon. As for the fruit – I’ll enjoy whatever is in season.

By taking the time to enjoy the influence of spring, I’ll be ready to live the summer season. Isn’t it wonderful to live in such a sunny, hot region? I think so too! I plan on taking some time to stop at the farmer’s market to pick up fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and cherries. The drink will be pink lemonade (with a lime green umbrella in it). I’ll swim in the pool and sit on the porch and watch the kids ride their bikes until the sun goes down. Come to think of it there’s a little place in the backyard for a garden – I’ll plant it and enjoy everything that grows there.

If I’m lucky, the fruits of the garden will linger to fall. And again, I’ll find myself picking up the brown, crunchy leaves and stuffing them into big, black garbage bags. The days will get shorter and I’ll change the cool settings (in the car and house) to heat. I’ll get ready for school and encourage our children to put on their jackets. We’ll buy pencils, rulers and lined paper. We’ll put the garden hose away.

The jackets will turn to coats and we’ll drink hot chocolate. We’ll cheer at the first snow and go sledding down Carmichael Hill. We’ll put a fire on downstairs and watch old movies. We’ll welcome the holidays and any sun breaks in the clouds. We’ll put a light bulb on the rabbit (in the backyard). We’ll sing Christmas carols and think fondly on the passing year.

Mostly likely, we’ll look back on the seasons and feel grateful for the influences of each. And we’ll recognize that our lives are like the seasons – ever changing and full of color, flavor and beauty!

Wendy is the author of It’s the Little Moments that Matter and can be reached via her website –
PS: The above column is one of my personal favorites ... I hope you enjoyed it too!

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