Friday, September 21, 2007

Do what you love -

I have this little book called: "What I know for Sure" and it's a collection of columns Oprah wrote for her O Magazine. I absolutely love this little book. It is so inspiring, motivating and thought provoking.... (How could it not be? We're talking about Oprah here).

Anyhow as I dashed out the door this afternoon to run my son to soccer practice, I grabbed this little treasure. It has been a while since I've had time to just get lost in the pages of a book. For me, reading is like taking a vacation! I put a blanket on the grass, let my kids play at the park and just devoured every word. By the time soccer was over, I had finished reading every word of Oprah's collection. I felt totally rejuvenated!

Page 39 was one of my favorite sections - (Below is an excerpt)

Ignoring your passion is like dying a slow death. Your life is speaking to you every day, all the time - and your job is to listen up and find the clues. Passion whispers to you through your feelings, beckoning you toward your highest good. Pay attention to what makes you feel energized, connected, stimulated - what gives you your juice. Do what you love, give it back in the form of service, and you will do more than just succeed. You will triumph.

Cheers to LIVING a life of PASSION and PURPOSE!


Jayci said...

nice passage!! I like how she said to turn what we love around into the form of service. She's very motivating. Your blanket sitting on a soccer field with a book and your kids sounds like such a fun time. I looove to read. My husband doesn't read much, so he felt he should point out the other day that my 'reading habbit' is just as bad as a couch potatoe in front of the TV. I hope not! haha thanks for sharing this!

Wendy Christensen said...

Jayci - Keep reading! It does wonders for your mind, soul and LIFE. Your hubby will eventually learn to LOVE that about you (your reading habit)... Just a matter of how and when! YOU are authentically you and that's what matters!!